David Gloski

3 Powerful Take-Away Messages From EUEC 2018

David Gloski - 15 March, 2018

EUEC 2018 was an amazing event this year! Our team presented "Better Management of the Conversations About Your Data." But the best part was our conversations with power industry environmental managers and engineers. Their message was clear and it makes sense: Staff environmental engineers want to be able to control and manage their environmental calculations without the need to rely on outside experts to help, we heard they want enterprise spreadsheet performance. What’s changed? Tools are more powerful, staff is more data management capable, and budgets are tighter than ever. Power industry environmental managers and engineers, more than ever want to be able to use their spreadsheets as enterprise data crunchers. The days of proprietary environmental calculation environments are over and the time for staff to take control of their data and calculations based on their data with the spreadsheets they already have, is here. 

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xOverTime shares enterprise spreadsheet performance solutions presentation at EUEC 2018

We have just returned from the 2018 Electric Utilities Environmental Conference where various parties stated directly or inferred that companies are now more interested in solutions that allow their own staff to understand, control and manage their environmental calculations. One company said “Last year we implemented Tableau for EHS metrics rollups and presentations. This year we are getting a solution that will primarily track EHS compliance calendars and assure compliance.  Next year we are going to tackle environmental calculations and we want a solution that we can manage and understand that will not have us requiring a consultant for every environmental report that we do.”

Staff at a large Environmetal Management Information System (EMIS) vendor indicated that they are struggling to get users to move from their older technology to their new cloud offering. It seems that many of those customers are simply going back to Excel. The young engineers see if they can get the job done, and they find out that they can. It’s not surprising because spreadsheet technology over the years has opened up and become very powerful. There are technologies that can improve the rigor of Excel based solutions to make them more enterprise grade, by supplying database, data access control, and enterprise connectivity capabilities. Today engineers out of school are quite comfortable marrying these capabilities into very powerful solutions, that dramatically reduce annual costs of maintenance and support.

Some consultants themselves are starting to offer client solutions that are more spreadsheet based. It offers their clients more of an opportunity to take control of the end result and more of the client project budget is able to go to their services since it does not have to be shared with a system solution vendor.

At xOverTime we are seeing similar stories in other business sectors across the spectrum of operations, healthcare, financial, and risk management. The core of these new solution approaches is the spreadsheet technology. Our company’s total focus is Enterprise Spreadsheet Performance and our technology helps companies feel comfortable with important operations being guided by spreadsheet solutions, by supporting them with a cloud database to improve data governance, security, and enterprise connectivity. The staff are more empowered and more in tune with how their operational data acts under different business scenarios.

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