Organizations Need a Single Source of Truth

David Gloski - 27 June, 2019

We’ve all been there and some of us are there every day... Who has the latest quarterly numbers? Who has the latest monthly forecast? Which person’s forecast should I use to project year end results? Where can I get last year’s sales numbers for...

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5 Requirements of a Environmental Calculation & Reporting Solution

David Gloski - 6 March, 2019

If you are looking for a solution to your enterprise environmental calculation and reporting challenges, this article is for you. Go visit the website of any of the typical Environmental Information Management System (EMIS) or Quality Health...

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Improving Data Governance and Business Processes at a Large Electric Utility

David Gloski - 16 January, 2019

Establishing a single source of the truth!

Large Electric Utilities have big data-management challenges related to everyday activities such as:

  1. Which plants do we operate, and when, to meet customer demands throughout the day?
  2. How do we assure...
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'Weaponising' Excel - Why, How & What

Denver McCann - 11 December, 2018

I’ve taken a slightly large gulp of the Simon Sinek “cool-aid” recently and it took my thinking back to basics – a good hard look at WHY we use spreadsheets and the WHY this is not always popular with IT departments.

The WHY, of spreadsheets, why...

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Enterprise Spreadsheet Performance Tips & Tricks Series: INDEX MATCH MATCH for Excel Lookups

Jeff Kayzerman - 23 August, 2018

We are continuing our series of enterprise spreadsheet performance tips and tricks to help you get your unwieldy spreadsheet data back on track. Building on our last post that explained the Excel INDEX MATCH function, this second installment in...

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Powerful Cost Optimization Solution Delivers Big Savings

David Gloski - 7 August, 2018

Large companies spend big money to manage and maintain their properties and operating locations annually. Utilities, communications, transportation, maintenance and repair are all part of a technical operations spend which can rival costs...

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5 Elements to Successful Project Management

Carol Yeaman-Sanchez - 19 July, 2018

We’ve all been there: from the home renovation project that was only going to take a weekend, to the largest multi-year construction projects where the plan, schedule, and costs have all spun out of control. By not sticking to the plan or without...

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The 3 Levels of Encryption Your Data Needs

CK Krishna - 15 July, 2018

Data encryption is a key component of a comprehensive security strategy to protect sensitive data. However, the high-cost resources and performance-intensive operations involved in data encryption and decryption often keep architects and...

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4 Tried-and-True Strategies to Speed Up Your Business Spreadsheet Performance

Jamie Smith - 5 July, 2018

With endless data entry in Excel, columns and rows continue to grow, and so will your file until it’s uncontrollable. If your business spreadsheet has become so large that making changes and sharing the file has become a nightmare, follow these 4...

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The Best Way to Structure Enterprise Spreadsheet Data for Reporting

Jamie Smith - 28 June, 2018

Many analysis and planning projects involve information ('x') that is to be presented as a series, 'over time.' No matter the information – whether it’s sales information such as order volume tracking, accounting information such as expense...

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Big Data Doesn’t Have to Mean Big Spreadsheets

Carol Yeaman-Sanchez - 21 June, 2018

The buzz around big data continues to grow as more and more companies implement massive data collection strategies. And while the term ‘big data’ isn’t new, confusion about what it is, and how to effectively manage it, is still prevalent.

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Good Data is Always Better than Big Data

Michael Lehane - 13 June, 2018

While big data continues to make headlines everywhere, many companies have little to show for their large IT investments in it. For every new big data technology solution there appear to be numerous lessons learnedstories. The biggest reason...

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Enterprise Spreadsheet Performance Tips & Tricks Series: INDEX MATCH & xOverTime

Jeff Kayzerman - 24 May, 2018

In our recent posts here at xOverTime we have been exploring the power of 3, with 3 take-aways from a recent conference, 3 reasons IT teams should look to leverage spreadsheets in the enterprise, and 3 ways to move the needle on enterprise...

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What's in a name, xOverTime?

Michael Lehane - 18 May, 2018

In a world where technology startups continue to make challenging name choices in the pursuit of uniqueness, we took a more traditional naming path here at xOverTime. We avoided the temptation to go with “Datar” or “Xotr” and instead choose...

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3 Powerful Take-Away Messages from EPRI CEMS 2018

David Gloski - 10 May, 2018

The 2018 EPRI Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) User Group Conference & Exhibit, was an excellent event this year! The best part was our conversations with power industry engineers and learning how they are managing their CEMS data. Their...

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Enterprise Spreadsheet Performance puts CEMS Data on Your Desktop

Michael Lehane - 27 April, 2018

xOverTime will be at the annual EPRI Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) User Group Conference & Exhibit May 2 – 3 in St. Louis and is excited to show how users can get their CEMS data on their desktop with a little Enterprise Spreadsheet...

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3 Ways to Improve Business Spreadsheet Performance

Jamie Smith - 13 April, 2018

Ever been stuck between a spreadsheet and a deadline? You and your team run at a million miles an hour. Spreadsheets are your go-to solution to prepare and manage data for every business problem and spreadsheet performance is something you just...

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Three Reasons IT Professionals Should Embrace Spreadsheets

Jaime Smith - 22 March, 2018

It's familiar. Sooner or later every IT professional faces the challenge. Those who've overcome it have given the problem a name: The Business Spreadsheet Syndrome. Put simply, business users depend on spreadsheets to grow their analytical...

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3 Powerful Take-Away Messages From EUEC 2018

David Gloski - 15 March, 2018

EUEC 2018 was an amazing event this year! Our team presented "Better Management of the Conversations About Your Data." But the best part was our conversations with power industry environmental managers and engineers. Their message was clear and...

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Increase Enterprise Spreadsheet Performance by Enabling Conversations About Your Data

Jamie Smith - 2 March, 2018

At the annual Energy Utility & Environmental Conference, EUEC 2018, March 5 - 7,  in San Diego, xOverTime is excited to show how the latest release of our cloud database platform turns your desktop spreadsheets into a secure, high performing...

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xOverTime Wishes You a Happy 2017 Holiday Season!

David Gloski - 18 December, 2017

As we run around enjoying the holiday season with all its tasks and traditions, our work lives are often spent looking ahead to the next year while reflecting on the most recent year’s accomplishments and learnings. At xOverTime we’ve had a great...

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Dive into Your Data Lake

Jeff Kayzerman - 28 April, 2017

As I work with clients to leverage xOverTime’s capabilities, I get to see solutions evolve from basic Excel formulas in a workbook to enterprise-level applications. Our projects usually start with a customer using Excel as its flexibility for...

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xTasks in Action

Don Ahearn - 18 April, 2017

xOverTime recently attended the National Association for Environmental Management (NAEM) EHS & Sustainability Software Conference in Houston. In addition to exhibiting our innovative cloud database technology and solutions, we presented how our...

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xOverTime’s First User Group Meeting

Michael Lehane - 13 March, 2017

As we kicked off 2017, we felt that the time was right to step up and share an update from xOverTime and highlight some recently completed customer deployments. We organized a webinar – the right format to easily bring folks together across our...

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3 Tips to Reduce the Size of Excel Workbooks

Carol Yeaman-Sanchez - 6 February, 2017

We’ve all been there: your Excel® workbook is so large that you might as well take a coffee break while you wait for it to open. And forget about sending it via email to your colleagues.

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Extending Excel into the Enterprise

Michael Lehane - 24 January, 2017

At xOverTime we are impressed by the number of users that rely on Excel® as their default data analytics tool – as many as 750 million Excel users globally. Its flexibility has made it one of the most popular business software applications in the...

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Happy Holidays from xOverTime

David Gloski - 20 December, 2016

As we enjoy the holiday season with family and friends, it’s a great time to reflect upon 2016 and the success we’ve had at xOverTime. We’re proud of the way our staff has worked to grow our business and deliver value for our customers. We are...

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Boost the Power of Excel

Jeff Kayzerman - 22 November, 2016

Excel® is one of those tools that reminds you of your Swiss Army Knife®. It can search thousands of cells for specific values while simultaneously aggregating and producing a summed result. Need something custom? Need to query a public API? Excel...

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It’s All About Our Special Sauce!

David Gloski - 16 November, 2016

At xOverTime we are helping our customers by putting a cloud database behind the use of Excel®. Most people’s first reaction is, “connecting Excel to a database is nothing new, we use Excel to connect to our databases all the time.” The...

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Improving Processes that Utilize Excel Distributed Input Templates

Todd Barth - 1 November, 2016

Excel® is not normally thought of as a collaborative tool, but by virtue of its power, flexibility, and widespread user base, in practice it is frequently employed in a collaborative fashion.

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Data Management Considerations for Better Metrics Analysis

Don Ahearn - 24 October, 2016

Metrics data management and analysis are essential to any business. Success depends on selecting the right metrics. To define and categorize metrics, follow the process below:

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Evolving with a Refresh

Carol Yeaman-Sanchez - 12 October, 2016

In 2014 we brought the xOverTime technology front and center and have been evolving it ever since with continuous customer-driven product improvements and xSolution developments. Since I joined the team earlier this year, we’ve concentrated on...

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Data Encryption – Too Costly to Ignore!

CK Krishna - 12 August, 2016

While organizations of all sizes are required to operate cost effectively in a 24/7 global economy, operating in the cloud has become popular. To meet the needs of their customers, cloud infrastructure providers offer robust security controls....

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Own Your Data and the Conversations About Your Data

Michael Lehane - 7 August, 2016

All of the Excel-based data management, data analysis and data reconciliation business processes we have been exposed to since we started xOverTime rely not only on the ability to manage datasets, but also the ability to communicate what is...

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Don’t Get Whacked with a Hammer!

Jason Smith - 18 July, 2016

Abraham Maslow once wrote, “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” The same can be said of data. Analysts who are limited to internal sources of information don’t have the tools they need to adequately solve business problems.

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A Perspective on Startup Environments

Michael Lehane - 20 June, 2016

I just spent a day at the Wild Atlantic StartUP Conference held at the University of Limerick, Ireland. The event was organized to change how business innovators and startups collaborate and engage together. Now in its third year, the goal of the...

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Business Intelligence Queries Don’t Have to Be Difficult

Don Ahearn - 14 June, 2016

For over 30 years Excel® has been a de facto standard for business analytics and it continues to improve with new features and functions, especially around Business Intelligence (BI). Many of the customers I talk with invariably check their work...

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New Collaboration Saves Hospitals Millions in Expenses

David Gloski - 26 May, 2016

I just spent a few days with the strategic partners of the Collaborative Work Environment (CWE) discussing ways to work together to help hospitals save millions of dollars in technical operations expenses. xOverTime is proud to be a strategic...

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xEmissions and xCITSS: Save thousands and end up with a better system

David Gloski - 28 April, 2016

Customers often ask me, “What does ‘the cloud’ really mean for us?” People hear a lot about the cloud, but too often they can’t see how it helps them do their jobs better or save money by being more efficient.

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Introducing xTasks: The Right Solution for Task Management

Don Ahearn - 21 April, 2016

There is a wide range of software options for managing tasks. From tactical tools that can be downloaded off the Web or via the App Store, to very sophisticated packages, most software falls into one of these two general categories:

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Getting Your Project Done and Done Right!

Michael Lehane - 18 November, 2015

Projects can be tough, sometimes darn tough… but let’s not call them hard, that’s just too easy…

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The Interface of Enterprise Data and Social Media…

David Gloski - 8 October, 2015

I am so excited by some of the things we are developing here at xOverTime. When visiting customers, I can see the twinkle in their eye when they see what we are doing with our cloud database behind the use of Excel. We are bringing database...

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Cloud Storage – It’s Harder to Devalue an Ounce of Productivity than it is a Gigabyte of Storage

Michael Lehane - 1 September, 2015

In 2011, when David Gloski and I started xOverTime, we had a vision to help users improve the management of important data in their Excel workbooks, support better collaboration about that data, and improve analysis and support for business...

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xCITSS – Twenty Years of Compliance Instrument Portfolio Management

David Gloski - 14 July, 2015

In 1993, I was part of a team of people from the US electric power industry that worked on a new problem: the management of SO2 emission allowances that were created by the US Acid Rain Program. All of a sudden these big companies had a new asset...

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Leveraging AWS Security at xOverTime

CK Krishna - 11 June, 2015

Protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our customers’ data is incredibly important to the team at xOverTime, as is maintaining customer trust and confidence. xOverTime Cloud is certified for compliance with some of the...

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xEnergyMgmt – Simple and Powerful Energy Management Solution

Don Ahearn - 30 April, 2015

At a high level, the two core goals of managing energy usage are to obtain cost savings and achieve sustainability objectives. To achieve these goals an Energy Management Solution should provide:

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xFinancials – Use your preferred financial tool and work with your data over time.

David Gloski - 5 March, 2015

Whether you are a startup or a Fortune 500 company, there is a high likelihood that all or a significant amount of your financial planning and forecasting is done in Excel. It is just there, easily accessible on your desktop. You can organize...

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Why learn a new BI tool when I already know Excel?

Todd Barth - 2 March, 2015

You know Excel.  You know how to manipulate data in a workbook to calculate the results you need.  You know how to create Excel formulas, and you know how to use at least several of the many powerful functions available in Excel.

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Introducing xCITSS

David Gloski - 18 February, 2015

Twenty years ago, I worked with a number of large utilities across the US to build a solution for tracking SO2 Emission allowances as part of the US Acid Rain program.  The solution we created ended up being used by over 50 utilities in the US,...

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Turlock Irrigation District to Discuss xCITSS its GHG Position Management Solution

David Gloski - 13 February, 2015

On Wednesday February 18th Ken Nold of the Turlock Irrigation District (TID) will present his company’s approach to managing its allowance and credit portfolio associated with California’s GHG Cap and Trade Program (AB32).  TID started with...

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xEmissions – A Useable and Cost Effective Environmental Emissions Management Solution

David Gloski - 12 February, 2015

People who know my background know that I played a role in developing one of the world’s best enterprise environmental emissions calculation and reporting solutions. Today Gartner has a whole Magic Quadrant dedicated to Environmental, Health and...

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Huco Consultant – One week xOverTime user

Allan Campbell - 11 February, 2015

I am an Environmental IT Consultant working for Huco Consulting. My main role is to implement and support emission calculations in various EMIS (Environmental Management Information Systems) solutions that our clients use. This past week I was...

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xMetrics – A Better and More Cost Effective Corporate Performance Management Solution

David Gloski - 9 February, 2015

xOverTime is excited to be offering its xMetrics solution which is a more useable and cost effective way for companies to manage business metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Managing the collection, calculation, analysis, reporting and...

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Structuring Your Data for Trend Reporting and Sharing

Todd Barth - 15 December, 2014

Many analysis and planning projects involve information (“x”) that is to be presented “over time”. Whether it’s sales information (such as order volume tracking); accounting information (such as expense tracking); operational information like...

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Thoughts on the Cloud and the Consumerization of the IT Landscape

Michael Lehane - 8 December, 2014

The real world is dynamic and complex and IT infrastructures are in a state of constant change. In the past couple of years IT teams have attempted to manage change with a variety ofstrategies ranging from rollout of the ITIL Frameworks for...

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xOverTime Technology Provides Microsoft Excel™ Users with SaaS Database Capabilities

David Gloski - 24 November, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 24, 2014 — xOverTime Inc. today released Version 1.4 of its xOverTime SaaS which provides Microsoft ExcelTM users with powerful database capabilities without the challenge of configuring a database solution.  Working from...

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The Next Chapter of the xOverTime Story

David Gloski - 17 November, 2014

Welcome to the new If you’ve visited the site before you will see that it is quite different today, and the site is now focused on our xOverTime SaaS solutions. We have been working on the product for over a year, and we are seeing...

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The Right Startup Environments are a Privilege To Work In

David Gloski - 3 November, 2014

There is quite a bit written about entrepreneurship and startup environments. More and more colleges and institutions are offering entrepreneurship as part of their curriculum. Young talent are attracted to the stories of the likes of Zuckerberg...

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