Enterprise Spreadsheet Performance puts CEMS Data on Your Desktop

Michael Lehane - 27 April, 2018

xOverTime will be at the annual EPRI Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) User Group Conference & Exhibit May 2 – 3 in St. Louis and is excited to show how users can get their CEMS data on their desktop with a little Enterprise Spreadsheet Performance. CEO, David Gloski and Product Services Engineer, Jeff Kayzerman will be showing how the latest release of the xOverTime cloud database platform transforms desktop spreadsheets into a secure, high-performing enterprise application for utility and energy management companies. Stop by booth 120 to learn how we're transforming desktop spreadsheets from tool into an effective enterprise data solution for your CEMS data.

Learn how Samsung used xOverTime to automate reporting for improved data governance and audit support. 

Today, CEMS captures real-time data on plant operations providing instrumentation to optimize plant operations across your fleet. One step away from the plant itself, other business users outside the immediate plant operations team can struggle to get access to the data available in the CEMS database, which is needed for effective emissions and compliance management across the organization. 

xOverTime has repeatedly seen the need for users across an organization to be able to get access to CEMS data directly on their desktop. With xOverTime's cloud database, they can! Using xOverTime, CEMS data can be updated on a regular (daily) basis to support emissions reporting, calculations, and cap and trade position reporting, plus, this data can also be automatically compared to EPA data.

Enterprise Spreadsheet Performance

xOverTime delivers a simple and powerful solution to help companies calculate and track air, water, and waste emissions information powered by CEMS data. 

Companies can leverage various libraries and calculation templates to create a new solution or improve their existing spreadsheet solutions. The approach can be cost effective for both smalcompanies and large enterprise organizations. Auditable Emission Inventories enables users to stay in control of the calculations going into Enterprise Spreadsheet Performancetheir emission inventories and regulatory reports. By leveraging Mircosoft Excel®, the xOverTime solution makes all calculations easily identified and tracked for audit purposes. Calculations are not hidden in some complicated calculation engine.

Your desktop spreadsheet and corporate email are the tools most of us use today to solve real business problems. Questions like, "Why is this so number so high? How come this number hasn’t moved?" typically get resolved painfully via email with copies of spreadheets or screengrabs – sometimes in a large thread to a group of people – because it offers the seemingly best way to collaborate and document the discussion. But with xOverTime, if something is off, you start a conversation directly in xOverTime with your colleagues about your data and your spreadsheets, decluttering your inbox and keeping the conversation about your data with the data itself.

Retain the power and flexibility of the desktop spreadsheets you love, but add the ability to manage data and the conversations about the data to drive improved information distribution and data governance across the enterprise. Desktop spreadsheets are transformed to be part of your enterprise data solution.

Will you be at EPRI CEMS? Let us know. We hope to see you at booth 120 to share the latest ways xOverTime is making desktop spreadsheets into enterprise resources.

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