Boost the Power of Excel

Jeff Kayzerman - 22 November, 2016

Excel® is one of those tools that reminds you of your Swiss Army Knife®. It can search thousands of cells for specific values while simultaneously aggregating and producing a summed result. Need something custom? Need to query a public API? Excel...

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xEnergyMgmt – Simple and Powerful Energy Management Solution

Don Ahearn - 30 April, 2015

At a high level, the two core goals of managing energy usage are to obtain cost savings and achieve sustainability objectives. To achieve these goals an Energy Management Solution should provide:

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Structuring Your Data for Trend Reporting and Sharing

Todd Barth - 15 December, 2014

Many analysis and planning projects involve information (“x”) that is to be presented “over time”. Whether it’s sales information (such as order volume tracking); accounting information (such as expense tracking); operational information like...

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