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'Weaponising' Excel - Why, How & What

Denver McCann - 11 December, 2018
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I’ve taken a slightly large gulp of the Simon Sinek “cool-aid” recently and it took my thinking back to basics – a good hard look at WHY we use spreadsheets and the WHY this is not always popular with IT departments.

The WHY, of spreadsheets, why we need them, want them love them, is obvious, but the vision needs to be transformed. Whilst robust enterprise grade controls and structures, along with database scalability are desirable end states or things a solution should have, it is not really the answer to the question WHY!

Register here to join the webinar on December 12 and learn the WHY, HOW & WHAT of 'weaponising' Excel.

At Numeritas, the WHY of spreadsheets is different! We believe:

  • Spreadsheets facilitate decision making
  • They make the complexity manageable
  • Excel is innovation and revolution! It is the platform that evolves and supports our ever changing need to understand, to answer questions

These WHY’s are all too-often forgotten about, in favour of discussing the HOW or the WHAT of spreadsheets – they lose their purpose and ultimately fail to support the WHY!

The 'how' is what function, formula, functional element each user might adopt, use and or apply to a spreadsheet, and the ‘what’ is ultimately the combination of all those HOW’s into a horrible mish-mash of Cells, Worksheets, Charts and Tables in one or more Workbooks.

If we return to the WHY, and we build our solutions based on that, only adopting the HOW and the WHAT that supports the WHY, delivers the WHY, then we will, have a better outcome.

Working with xOverTime we believe the WHY and the true potential of Excel, is unlocked, allowing End-User Computing (EUC) Solutions to be rapidly deployed, re-imagined or upgraded to deliver lasting value creation, rather than just addressing risk register items from an Audit-Report.

Due to unexpected circumstances we will not be hosting the “seminar” in our office, but will be reaching out to you all via the very popular and well subscribed Webinar.

Join the webinar here, or for a link to the recording (post event), please click here.

We look forward to hosting you at this exciting event.

About the Author: Denver McCann is the Founder and Managing Director of xOverTime parter Numeritas, a leader in business and financial modeling. The company delivers various modeling and risk management services as well as support for management reporting and data analytics. Numeritas leverages xOverTime to help customers improve data governance and work with large data sets. Using the xOverTime platform, Numeritas transforms basic modeling and operations tools into customer solutions that better support business processes and integration into a company’s overall data architecture.

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